the right choice.  TGC narrows qualified candidate choices down to a short list of the best to present to you.  You make the choice to hire and enjoy the security our guarantee offers.

Our partnership does not end after you hire the right individual from TGC.  We are involved 100% before, during and after.  We balance our up-front screening system with a strong post-hire follow-up program.  Only 100% satisfaction is acceptable.

Our approach to personnel management increases productivity and helps your communities perform and grow. Our expertise in recruiting and staffing in the property management industry helps you meet the competitive challenges in the market.

Finding the right candidates is just the start of our partnership with you.  Our clients tell us we contribute to their success by working under the highest ethical standard, providing exceptional talent and combining innovative solutions with outstanding customer service. The property management industry has come to depend on Career Strategies for quality candidates and exceptional service.

TGC’s Client Advantage:  We Can Be Your Strategic Human Resources Partner

TGC understands what you need to run better, grow faster and make more money.  We have solutions for your human resources needs.  With TGC, you can find more time to focus on your business.  If your company has grown beyond your current policies or simply wishes to follow industry best practices, TGC can assist you with:

  • Third-party independent control as a fiduciary of the court.
  • Possession and preservation of the asset.
  • Supervision and direction of daily "on-going" activities of the property.
  • Full review of all contractual services.
  • Bidding and awarding of service contracts and independent outside services.
  • Manage capital improvements as needs.
  • Full accounting of all income and expenses.
  • Authorization, control and payment of payables, with restructure of payable stream if necessary.
  • Understanding of institutional requirements, policies and goals.
  • Specific recommendations for extraordinary maintenance requirements.
  • Proactive management to establish the confidence of residents and the surrounding community.
  • Reports tailored to the needs of the court and secured creditors.
  • Full cooperation after the receivership period to continue stabilization of any resident base and property operations.
  • Consult on the disposition of the asset.

The Todd-Gordon Companies LLC provides clients and investment property owners with individualized services, including:

Property Management

Please see our Why Clients Choose Us page!

Receivership Management

TGC is always prepared to handle a receivership assignment. Our first priority is to secure the physical asset, followed by reviewing accounts, resident records and leases.  TGC oversees reestablishing the income stream.  Once accomplished, we use the following services to preserve the asset:

TGC’s Client Advantage:  We Can Be Your Strategic Human Resources Partner

Temporary-to-Hire.  Has your community ever hired someone just to find out they were not the right fit?  TGC’s temp-to-hire option provides the opportunity to evaluate an individual’s personality, work ethic and motivation level before making a commitment to hire, saving valuable budget dollars.

Direct Hire.  Eliminate the risk of investing in recruiting, hiring and training a new employee only to learn they were not

TGC Curb Appeal Landscaping

Selecting a landscape maintenance team can make all the difference in whether a prospect stops and inquires about an available apartment/home. Our landscaping designer understands that budgets count and curb appeal is key to leasing.  Owners who hire TGC Curb Appeal Landscaping seek to maximize and beautify their property's green spaces, have projects completed on time, and increase resident traffic.

  • Outsourcing Human Resources responsibilities
  • Complying with government regulations (FMLA, ADA, FLSA, etc.)
  • Training and developing your employees
  • Creating constructive policies
  • Organizational charting and planning
  • Finding quality health coverage plans and/or brokers
  • Creating compelling job descriptions
  • Developing effective performance reviews
  • Comprehensive employment screening services
  • Auditing Files and Processes for Compliance (I-9, Job Descriptions, Background Checks)
  • Employee Relations Solutions (discipline, performance management, EEO, NLRB)
  • Interactive Sexual Harassment, Anti-Discrimination and Ethics Training
  • Recruit and Retain Top Talent

The TGC Approach to Talent Management

TGC has the innovative solutions and motivated workforce to be your strategic personnel management partner.  We have the employment strategies, wide range of options, and resources you need to recruit and manage exceptional professional talent on demand.  We search for excellence and we deliver dynamic, qualified, multi-talented candidates who are capable of immediately making a contribution to your business.

TGC has built its reputation on strategically streamlining our client’s candidate selection process.  Interview only the best candidates from TGC while simultaneously saving time and money by getting what you asked for.  Reduce recruiting advertising costs and eliminate costly down time.  The loyalty and productivity of the candidates you select and hire pave the way for your growth, cost efficiency and profitability.

Additional Services

Asset Management

The Todd-Gordon Companies LLC provides its clients with AM services with an eye on financial monitoring. Our top priorities are to protect our client's asset and to make their investment work for them.  A good asset manager knows how to maximize the NOI, and TGC is the right choice.

Project and Capital Improvement Management

Defining the scope of work and setting the budget, timelines and benchmarks all make for a successful project.  However, do you have the time to ensure that all these aspects are achieved?  Successful Project/Capital Improvement Managers are able to simultaneously incorporate these basic elements within a well-defined scope of work.  Whether overseeing an apartment’s turn-over or a roof replacement, knowing you have an advocate on site allows you to focus on your other investments. An effectively managed project is one of the added benefits that comes along with being one of TGC's “worry-free owners."

TGC Human Resources Solutions

Please see the section to your right for greater detail.

For more information about these or our overall property management services please contact Richard T. Jackson at:

TGC Inspection Services

Apartments and single family homes rented to Housing Choice Voucher holders (formerly known as Section 8 tenants), as well as those receiving other types of rent subsidies, require Housing Quality Standards (HQS) Inspections.  After overseeing thousands of inspections, TGC Inspection Services has developed a check list and team to properly prepare your property for any HUD, DCRA or housing inspection.  By assisting our clients in avoiding common violations, TGC is able to shorten the lease-up time and position its client's property for a higher score.  Our services are not limited to simply “prep-work,” but are available to assist an owner in abatement of violations to ensure the passing upon re-inspection.